[I AM]
.:. FAIZ [feyz]; pronounced like 'phase'
[IDENTITY] an imaginative creative director/designer/photographer
[ANCHORED] in NY's dynamic landscape
[ROOTS] from CA, enriched by immigrant heritage

.:. Embarked on my creative path with a passion for [photography], amassing [10 years] of experience capturing images that narrate brand stories
.:. Began my writing journey as an Arts/Entertainment journalist for the [Daily Bruin], developing into an accomplished [copywriter]
.:. Transitioned into [tech marketing] at [Snap Inc.], leading branding and digital content production through my lens as a photographer. Leveraged my photographic expertise in [global product launches], blending [visual storytelling] with [brand strategy]
.:. Expanded my canvas, photographing creative campaigns for [global brands] like [PUMA], [Foot Locker], and high-revenue brands such as [MVMT], [Komono]
.:. At [Asteroid Technologies] - a venture-backed technology start-up - as [Creative Director], led all creative initiatives including the [look-and-feel] of our iOS application, [website relaunch], and bringing our application to [market] in the App Store
.:. Stepped into the traditional advertising world, evolving from [creative producer] to [digital creative strategist], and leading social media initiatives for diverse clients
.:. Honed my art direction skills through an intensive boot-camp at [ELVTR], led by [Ogilvy's Joel Arzu]
.:. Currently enhancing my skill set by learning [Graphic and Digital Design] at [Parsons School of Design] to round out my creative capabilities
.:. Now, an [Associate Creative Director] at a boutique multicultural agency, where my diverse skills enrich my leadership in creative initiatives

.:. Innovative [Creative & Art Direction]
.:. Holistic [Brand Strategy & Content Engineering]
.:. End-to-end [Production Mastery]

brands to craft and launch [distinct], [impactful] creative narratives & content that [resonates] and achieves [performance excellence]

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