The Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit is an immersive audio-visual experience w/ several different art installations curated and created by local NYC artists to provide a stellar creative space for visual artists to capture content. The following images were captured by myself in collaboration w/ the Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit, as well as local NYC artist, Zeopatra. The art installations captured include The Kaleidoscope, The Diamond Palace, Pink Sugar Pool, Picture Reef, Lucky Lucky Cafe, and the Telly Garden. 
Zeopatra - also known as Afaf Seyam - is a meld of eclectic influence and embracement of contradictions. Having been brought up in the South, culturally embedded in Egypt, and currently harnessing her craft in New York City; her passion for creating has always been fueled by curiosity. 
Since living in NYC and working as a Creative Director, and now, Co-Founder of Digital Marketing Agency, Fia Social, she has collaborated with countless creatives who share a thirst to explore the unexplored. Her work has been featured in Vogue, The Coveteur, Refinery 29, Pop Sugar, Elle, Nylon, and more.
Art Direction
Creative Direction​​​​​​​

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