For the launch of Starry - a new soda offering from PEPSI, I combined my expertise in creative direction, brand strategy, and my knowledge of the digital landscape. Our goal was to amplify the short mockumentary we created, "3>2: The Legend of The Longshot" - on YouTube,  and to ensure that it received as many views as possible during our launch at the NBA Finals 2023. 
To that end, guided by an intricate understanding of the brand we were building - I crafted a strategy to inform our rollout on social into 3 distinct phases. Our Pre-Launch Hype phase harnessed the power of our NBA Athlete and influencer partnerships, with teaser cutdowns to ignite anticipation.
For the Launch Phase, we increasingly leveraged TikTok and Instagram to engage with our target GenZ audience, seeking to build genuine connections with our target consumers. Our content roll-out included pieces that were more interactive and playful during this phase.
The Post-Launch Engagement Phase was equally dynamic. We optimized our content pieces while reviewing analytics and monitoring overall engagement digitally, and ensured that the campaign was having lasting impact. We kept the conversations alive on social media, and made several refinements to the strategy in real-time, fueled by authentic UGC and interactions. 
Overall, over the period of 14 days, we were able to amass over 8M+ views for the campaign. 
Usage: Social, Web 

Responsibilities: Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Social Media Strategy

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